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According to a recent report by World Health Organization (WHO) people in India, are now living longer and the population of India is ageing and will continue to age steadily in the next few decades. The ageing of the population has major implications for the Indian health system and society as a whole.

“The challenge for India, as for all countries over the world, is not only to add further years to life but more importantly to add life to years and to ensure that the elderly can live full, enriching and productive lives. For this to be possible,good health is essential,” said Dr. Nata Menabde, WHO Representative to India.

The report also states that with the steady increase in life expectancy and the elderly population, the burden of non‐communicable diseases (NCDs, like heart disease and stroke, cancers, diabetes, mental health problems, vision and hearing impairment) will continue to grow, putting significant additional demands on health services. “With trend towards nuclear family, care of the elderly population at the family level will become difficult.

In simple words what it means
It is more likely that you are going to live longer due to increased life expectancy.
With increasing age the health problems are also likely to increase. Senior citizens
are more susceptible to different medical conditions which may require frequent
medical treatment.

So what you should do about it?

Take a pension plan which will provide you pension for lifetime

Have a contingency fund for emergencies

Take adequate medical insurance cover with lifelong renewals

Get in touch with us for your retirement and mediclaim planning.

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