4,000 or 4,00,000: Choice is yours

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When it comes to health insurance in our country, the awareness is low. Few people have health insurance.
Sickness and accidents are unpredictable. It can happen to anyone, anytime. In case of a sudden illness and hospitalization, one is left with limited choices such as compromise on good treatement or take a loan or break your savings.

Health insurance will ensure that you get the required treatment without disturbing your savings for your dream holiday, dream house or dream car.
Many people feel that health insurance is not important because they feel they are healthy and fit. It is true that people who are healthy and fit are less likely to fall sick, but what about accidents. Can anyone predict it?

Increasing health problems due to fall in living conditions The quality of air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink have fallen considerably over the years. Pollution has become one of the major causes of health problems recently.
Examples of short-term effects of air pollution include irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, and upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Other symptoms can include headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions.
Long-term health effects can include chronic respiratory disease,lung cancer, heart disease, and even damage to the brain, nerves,liver, or kidneys.
An angioplasty operation today costs between Rs 2.5 lacs to Rs 4 lacs. You can get a health insurance cover of between 3 to 4 lacs by paying a premium of approximately Rs 4000/- per year.

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